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Everest: South African 2006 Expedition (South Col)

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Our Successful Summiteers
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Sean and Vaughan 5 metres from the summit preparing to top out together
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Chumbe Sherpa, Sean Disney and Vaughan De La Harpe at the summit of Mount Everest (8848 m), 24 May 2006
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To many, climbing Everest is a dream that never becomes reality.  The planning, organisation, time and motivation needed is awesome.  Few have the physical and financial ability to even consider the dream.  Even when the expedition goes onto auto-pilot, you still wake up at 3 am wondering "What on earth am I doing?!"  After a full year of planning and organising, and seven years of training, the time has come.  We are a small team of three: Sean Disney, Vaughan de la Harpe and René Hochreiter.
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Lhotse Face, South Col Ascent
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Sir Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tenzing in the Khumbu Icefall
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The Team
Sean Disney
Vaughan De La Harpe
René Hochreiter
Team Leader, CEO of Adventure Dynamics International, a professional mountain guiding company;  25 successful ascents of the world's seven summits; achieved a height of 8400 m (the Balcony) on Everest in 2003. Businessman; has climbed Mont Blanc, Mt Mera and six of the world’s seven summits: Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, McKinley, Vinson, Kosciusko and Elbrus; highest altitude reached: 7000m. Investment Banker; has climbed in the Alps, Himalayas and in Africa; has been training for 7 years for Everest; highest altitude reached: 6000m; dream is to climb the five most beautiful mountains in the world: Kilimanjaro (achieved, 2000), The Matterhorn, Mont Blanc (achieved, 2002), Ama Dablam and Everest.

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The Sponsors

Very many thanks to the sponsors: Anglo Platinum, Implats, Salene Mining, Eland Platinum, Nedcor Securities, Aquarius Platinum, Mvela Resources and Nedbank Capital for financial assistance and their belief in our ability to succeed.

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Satellite Telephone Details
SMS your messages to Vaughan on +88216 43332074
An SMS will cost approximately R2.20.
A 160-character SMS may be sent directly from https://sms.thuraya.com/
Calls are charged at the standard satellite rate of R11 per minute.
Please note that Nepal is 3 hours 45 minutes ahead of South African Standard Time.

Our expedition guiding company
Daily Report

After trekking for nine days, the team reached Base Camp (5360 m) on 9th April.  On 17th April, they successfully climbed to Camp 1(6065 m), returning to Base Camp on the same day.  Camp II (6500 m) was reached on 26th April and the team returned to Base Camp two days later.  Sean and Vaughan successfully reached a height of 7450 (Camp III) on 7th May. René was unable to complete this acclimatisation rotation due to health problems, and flew back to Johannesburg on 14th May. Sean and Vaughan reached South Col (Camp IV - 7950 m) on 22nd May. Their summit push began on Tuesday evening, 23rd May, and they reached the top (8848 m) at 5.30 am on Wednesday, 24th May. Sean and Vaughan returned to South Africa on Friday afternoon, 2nd June, their dream of reaching the summit of Mount Everest having been fulfilled. They have also both become members of the elite "Seven Summits Club", having climbed to the top of the highest peaks on all seven continents. We extend our congratulations to the team. To you, the reader, many thanks for all your interest in, and support for this expedition.

Click on the Daily Report link above for an updated account of each day's events.

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