Kilimanjaro Pictures
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Kilimanjaro Picture Gallery

Ready to leave Mweka Gate Porters in the Rain Forest

Alix & Clarice:
Tea break
On the way to the Lava Tower

Kibo Crater On the way down

Lazaro and Regie on way to Mweka Camp Rain forest descent

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Climbing on Day 2 Mess Tent: Kimberly, Alix & Clarice

Our guides: Regie, Bokari, Lazaro View from the summit

Kimberly descending Ready to leave Barafu

Coke celebration on reaching Mweka Gate Postcard showing aerial view of Mount Kilimanjaro


Acknowledgment: Kilimanjaro photographs taken by René, Gail and Kimberly Hochreiter

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Page updated: 29/06/2015