29th October
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Ama Dablam Daily Report: Wednesday 29th October

Load carrying to Camp II
Photo acknowledgement: www.szymiec.com

Ama Dablam Camp I (5400 m)

A long 6+ hour trip to Camp II (5750 m) and back was undertaken today to carry up equipment and to make use of the higher altitude for acclimatisation purposes. The journey involved a fair amount of difficult, technical climbing and the team turned back a little before actually reaching Camp II. At this point, they were fairly close to the Yellow Tower. René reported that the climbing was extremely exposed with, sometimes, 1000 m drops on either side. The team found that the climbing on the fixed ropes was extremely slow due to the "traffic jam" of climbers and Sherpas on the mountain. At 5 pm, it was already -2°C and René was settled in his cosy tent, boiling snow and preparing a cheese omelette with vegetables for dinner.  The team will remain in Camp I tomorrow to rest and to acclimatise further. The guides will make a decision on whether or not to attempt the summit due to the instability of the ice fields around the area.

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