4th November
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Ama Dablam Daily Report: Tuesday 4th November

Actual Descent: AC Oct 2008 Ama Dablam Summiteers
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Photo acknowledgement: www.adventureconsultants.co.nz
Lukla (2866 m)

Whilst the world awaits the outcome of the American Presidential election, René and his group of 3 AC team members await a plane to ferry them out of Lukla and back to Kathmandu. Oh, what disappointment! The clouds were thick and dense all day and there was not a plane in sight! The group of 4 will be staying on at the "Paradise" Lodge again tonight in one small room. It seems the entire village is fairly over-populated at the moment!

News from the mountain is that the team of 3 successful summiteers arrived back at Base Camp last night after a very long and tiring journey down the mountain. Alongside, we have an actual photo of the group on their way down.

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