8th November
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Ama Dablam Daily Report: Saturday 8th November

Royal Chitwan National Park (3000 m - 8000 m)

René excitedly called in today with news of his arrival and first safari at the Chitwan National Park. He is staying in the northern part of the park at the Hermitage Hotel in Sauraha on the banks of the Rapti River. The people are very friendly and the hotel good.  He saw Asian crocs, a wide variety of birds and also visited the Elephant Breeding Centre where he viewed a number of beautiful baby elephants (and their Moms). Goodness, those of us who live in Africa are quite puzzled by the existence of an  elephant breeding centre!

A wonderful sunset was enjoyed at the end of the day although a liberal amount of Peaceful Sleep had to be applied to scare off the mozzies. Tomorrow René is looking forward to a birding safari with his own guide.


The Impeyen Pheasant - National Bird of Nepal
Click here to view enlarged version
Photo acknowledgement: www.picasaweb.google.com

Baby Elephant at the Elephant Breeding Centre
Royal Chitwan National Park
Photo acknowledgement: www.flickr.com

Asian Crocodile in Chitwan National Park
Click here for enlarged version
Photo acknowledgement: www.flickr.com
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