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A long association with the following sponsors has led to financial assistance for the Everest 2006 Expedition.

Anglo Platinum

Largest platinum producer in the world, producing 2,5 million ounces of Platinum in 2005.  Many thanks to Financial Director, Roeland van Kerckhoven, and chairman, Barry Davison, for financial assistance.


Highly efficient platinum producer, moving towards 2,0 million ounces of platinum production.  Many thanks to Executive Director, Cathy Markus, and CEO, Keith Rumble, for financial assistance.

Salene Mining

Junior, unlisted mining operator; lends technical and financial assistance to new projects as well as creating new mines through equity and advisory functions.  Many thanks to Loucas Pouroulis, Chairman of Salene Mining, for financial assistance.

Eland Platinum

New platinum project listing on the Johannesburg Stock exchange in March 2006.  Capital cost R1,4 billion.  Many thanks to chairman, Loucas Pouroulis, and his team for financial assistance.

Nedcor Securities

Stock broking member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  Many thanks to Jean du Plessis for financial assistance.

Aquarius Platinum

Probably the most successful small platinum miner in southern Africa, definitely the lowest cost and highly effective management.  Its four operations in south Africa and Zimbabwe compete on the lower end of the industry cost curve. Many thanks to CEO, Stuart Murray, for financial assistance.

Mvela Resources

Mvela Resources is the holding company of a portion of Northam Platinum, Goldfields South Africa, and Transhex diamonds.  It is gaining critical mass with deal momentum improving.  Northam Platinum is a low cost producer after capex, Goldfields is one of the largest gold producers in the world and Transhex is the biggest listed diamond producer in Southern Africa. Many thanks to CEO, Pine Pienaar, and IR Manager, James Welstead, for financial assistance.

Nedbank Capital

Nedbank Capital is a highly efficient arm of Nedbank, one of the big four South African banks. Many thanks to Brian Kennedy for the opportunity to join the Everest expedition, and for the sponsorship given.

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