27th October
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Ama Dablam Daily Report: Monday 27th October

Advanced Base Camp, Ama Dablam
Photo acknowledgement: www.everestnews.com
Advanced Base Camp aka Yak Camp (5150 m)

The team left Base Camp at around 10 am this morning and after a long, hard slog, reached Advanced Base Camp in the afternoon. As the picture alongside shows, the campsite is very rocky with tents pitched on the stony terrain. The team members were extremely tired after their strenuous hike, though still feeling very positive. René reports that it is very cold.  He is sharing a tent with 3 other team members which should provide a little extra warmth.  The camp cooks are with the group tonight to prepare a hearty meal but thereafter, meals will be prepared by the climbers themselves. Global warming has resulted in the summit ice field being a little unstable this year.  The guides will consider this very carefully when deciding upon the summit strategy.

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